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Diligentec Solutions, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, INDIA is a multi-disciplinary consulting, research, training and data management company in the field of Engineering & Technology. The team members of Diligentec Solutions are specialized in providing technical assistance in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The research team at Diligentec Solutions is responsible for breakthrough innovations in the most vibrant engineering domains. The company plays a crucial role in building this capability, creating products and solutions that sustain the company’s competitive advantage. The company does consultancy for technical problems faced by the industries and colleges/universities. The professional skilled and experienced expertize team of the company take care of the every single problem to its core and provides excellent service and create innovations that not only meet but anticipate consumer needs. Diligentec Solutions is focused to develop path-breaking solutions that blend science, research and technology to enhance not just product experience but overall quality of life. The Conference Management Service (CMS) wing of Diligentec Solutions the full spectrum of conference management services to the international conferences at its best. The conferences supported by the Diligentec Solutions are highly regarded as top rated conferences by the research/academic community participated. Official website:
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Witan1jpg-300x75 Witan World is a revolutionary technology platform focused on exchange of knowledge & meaningful communication. At Witan World, we believe that all human beings are Kings & Queens of their own Kingdom, we as your trusted councilman are committed for your Success.
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Witan / Witenagemot (Old English pronunciation: [‘witena je’mot] translated in current English as the “meeting of wise men”), was a political institution in Anglo-Saxon England which operated before the 7th century until the 11th century. Witans would advise the king on all areas related to his kingdom – The witenagemot was known to be the advisory council
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Empower the world to have meaningful conversations about future – Your Success – Our Commitment. Click here to know more about Witan World.Official website:

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